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Huic ergo parce, Deus! Thomas de Celano, friend and biographer of Francis of Assisi, is generally credited with the authorship of this great medievel sequence, the opening lines of which are taken verbatim from the Vulgate version of Zeph. Julian, writing of the general acceptance of this hymn, declares: The hold which this sequence has had upon the minds of men of various nations and creeds has been very great. Goethe uses it, as is well known, in his Faust with great effect. It has been translated into many languages, in some of which the renderings are very numerous, those in German numbering about ninety and those in English about one hundred and sixty. The meter so grandly devised, of which I remember no other example, fitted though it has here shown itself for bringing out some of the noblest powers of the Latin language—the solemn effect of the triple rime, which has been likened to blow following blow of the hammer on the anvil, the confidence of the poet in the universal interest of his theme, a confidence which has made him set out his matter with so majestic and unadorned a plainness as at once to be intelligible to all,—these merits, with many more, have given the Dies Irae a foremost place among the masterpieces of sacred song. Poetry,p.

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Although this heavy workload and frequent disputes with his employers, Bach composed a few of his greatest music during this period. His choral compositions alone add in such enduring masterpieces as the Mass in B minor, Magnificat, Christmas Oratorio, and the St. John and St. Matthew Passions. The St. In post-Reformation Germany the ancient Good Friday belief of reciting the Passion story all the rage Latin to unaccompanied plainchant developed addicted to a more extended form, still alone and with a strictly biblical text but now in a vernacular translation.

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